#FirefoxOSBus in Pune

The #FirefoxOSBus touring across India was hosted at Pune by the Pune Community.

Date : 21st October 2014

Time of Arrival : 7.30 pm (19.30 hrs)

I was in the  Pune Community core organization.

Activities :

Shaniwar Wada 

Time : 7.30 pm (19.30 hrs)

The #FirefoxOSBus was welcomed by the Pune Community and the crew on-board got a chance to socialize and interact with the organizers.
Since Shaniwar Wada is a historic monument and Pune’s major identity, the bus made its first stop there.


Housing Society

Time : 8.15 pm (20.15 hrs)

Next stop was the Hosing Society.The main aim of this planned activity was to engage the Firefox Mascot with kids. Different games were planned and all the attendees had a fantastic time. Swags in the form of gifts were given to the prize winners. Firefox OS stickers were presented to all the attendees.
The total number of the attendees for this activity was approx. 50. The kids were accompanied by their parents and guardians.
After the games were over, the devices operating on Firefox OS were revealed to the audience and they were given a quick demo and the FirefoxOS description. The audience raised some questions which were well answered by the team.






Hotel Sukanta

Time : 9.50 pm

The crew on-board and Pune Mozilla Team headed to the restaurant for Dinner. The enthusiastic crew got a chance to exchange notes of the journey so far at the table which were much appreciated by the entire Pune community.


Accomplishments :

The Bus crew on-board and the Pune community got a wonderful chance to meet and greet each other and thus, a strong feeling of community building was witnessed.

The events organized at the Housing Society had a huge appreciation by the attendees. The attendees were largely influenced and attracted to the supercool features of Firefox OS and as per the feedback received till date, few of the attendees have placed an order for the devices operating on Firefox OS.


MozCafe Meet for FirefoxOS Bus in Pune,India !!

Date: 19 October 2014

Venue: Pune,India

Reason: To plan the activities and to welcome FirefoxOS Bus in Pune.

A group of Mozilla reps and FSA’s from India are touring across the country to spread FirefoxOS !!


  • Day of Arrival  :  Tuesday , 21th October 2014  (ETA : 7 pm ) (+- 1/2 hr)
  • No. of people arriving : 7 + 2 (drivers)
  • Ideas discussed : 
  •  Engage people with taking a selfie with Firefox OS Bus and sharing on Social Media channels with #FirefoxOSBus
  • Ask them what are the best features they are impressed with Firefox OS (Swags could be distributed to the cool answers)
  • Engage people for taking pics with Foxy (Mascot) and let them sharing it on Social Media channels with #FirefoxOSBus and #FirefoxOSBusPNQ
  • Conduct fun games for all age groups and distribute Swags to winners.
  • After the games were over, the devices operating on Firefox OS will be revealed to the audience and they will given a quick demo and the FirefoxOS description.
Twitter Trends. #FirefoxOSBus  #FirefoxOSBusPNQ
  • Bus Hop points :
  • Shaniwar Wada (7.30 pm)
  • Vrindavan Coop Hsg Society , Shaniwar Peth (8.00 pm)
  • Dinner at Hotel Sukanta


KIT Firefox Club Inauguration and AppMaker Hackathon at Kolhapur (India)

On Tuesday, 30th September 2014 I organized AppMaker Hackathon at KIT College of Engineering,Kolhapur,India, as a kickoff event for KIT Firefox Club launch. We had college students  as attendees for the event. As always it started in the Indian Traditional way with a Lamp Lightening in the presence of all the college Principal,Professors and the fellow audience. There were around 200 attendees in total for the event. We had talk sessions as well as hands-on sessions and workshops.

Inauguration Ceremony


The day started with an Introduction to Mozilla by me, where I talked about what exactly Mozilla’s Mission is, and how to spread awareness about the open web. The audience seemed quite interested in the idea, and looked quite excited to find out about the various ways by which they can do so.


The next session was conducted by me was on Mozilla Story. For this session I showed the audience Mozilla’s Story presentation slides where I talked about how Mozilla became what it currently is, including the various technologies from Mozilla. I also talked about the various Add-ons, personas other cool stuff that users can use to brighten up their Firefox experience and also about the various security aspects of Firefox. I also showed Mozilla story video.


Next up, it was Firefox OS.I had prepared a lovely presentation about the Firefox OS.In which I talked about recent launch of Firefox OS in India,Firefox Mobile by Intex and Spice,Firefox  mobile benefits and its specifications,Firefox OS Architecture,etc.I also talked about how college students can participate and contribute to Mozilla, throughout the day in various discussions with the audience.


Post lunch, we started with a workshop on Appmaker, and various other Webmaking tools like Thimble,X-Ray Goggles and PopCorn Maker conducted by me. I explained various aspects of these tools to the audience .


Next, I also explained how to launch app on Firefox Marketplace, how to make app using HTML5. I explained these topics using interactive demos and got the audience involved as well. It was a hands-on session.Around 200 students during the event downloaded Firefox Browser.


At the end of it all, we explained various ways by which the audience could contribute and get involved with Mozilla. I also guided the KIT Firefox committee for further events to be conducted. The event was a grand success !!

Thanks to Mr.Patil sir who guided me for this event.


KIT Firefox Club



Firefox OS Apps Day : App Day in a Box (ADIAB)

Event Name: Firefox OS Apps Day (App Day in a Box (ADIAB)), Pune
Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Date:  24th August 2014
Venue: VIIT, Pune

I was the Volunteer for the event.

There were 20 people who attended the event. All participants were Third Year and Final Year (B.E) engineering students of Information Technology and Computer Engineering in VIIT Engg College, Pune. Overall, they seemed to have good knowledge of web technologies ( HTML, JavaScript) and interested in open source contributions.

Session Agenda :

  1. Introduction to FirefoxOS
  2. AppMaker Introduction and Demonstration
  3. Building an app without using AppMaker
  4. Brainstorm the App the to Marketplace

Out Come of the Event :

Participants are interested in building apps after the event.

Participants become aware of the tools they need to get started.





MozCoffee meetup

Time: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Date:  2nd August 2014
Venue: Pune
There were 32 people who attended the event. All participants were Third Year and Final Year (B.E) engineering students of Information Technology and Computer Engineering in VIIT Engg College, Pune. Overall, they seemed to have good knowledge of web technologies ( HTML, JavaScript) and interested in open source contributions.
We discussed an importance to contribute to open source to keep the open source community healthy.  It is organize for VIIT Engineering (University of Pune) students. In this event we planned to organized a FirefoxOS app hack in a day workshops as well as planned sessions to be taken in the event (such as Appmaker introduction, app coding, etc).
Photos of the Event :