Firefox OS Apps Day : App Day in a Box (ADIAB)

Event Name: Firefox OS Apps Day (App Day in a Box (ADIAB)), Pune
Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Date:  24th August 2014
Venue: VIIT, Pune

I was the Volunteer for the event.

There were 20 people who attended the event. All participants were Third Year and Final Year (B.E) engineering students of Information Technology and Computer Engineering in VIIT Engg College, Pune. Overall, they seemed to have good knowledge of web technologies ( HTML, JavaScript) and interested in open source contributions.

Session Agenda :

  1. Introduction to FirefoxOS
  2. AppMaker Introduction and Demonstration
  3. Building an app without using AppMaker
  4. Brainstorm the App the to Marketplace

Out Come of the Event :

Participants are interested in building apps after the event.

Participants become aware of the tools they need to get started.






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