KIT Firefox Club Inauguration and AppMaker Hackathon at Kolhapur (India)

KIT Firefox Club Inauguration and AppMaker Hackathon at Kolhapur

On Tuesday, 30th September I organized AppMaker Hackathon at KIT College of Engineering,Kolhapur,India, as a kickoff event for KIT Firefox Club launch. We had college students  as attendees for the event. As always it started in the Indian Traditional way with a Lamp Lightening in the presence of college Principal,Professors and the fellow audience. There were around 200 attendees in total for the event. We had talk sessions as well as hands-on sessions and workshops.

Inauguration Ceremony

prasad seth firefox

The day started with an Introduction to Mozilla by me, where I talked about what exactly Mozilla’s Mission is, and how to spread awareness about the open web. The audience seemed quite interested in the idea, and looked quite excited to find out about the various ways by which they can do so.

prasad seth firefox

The next session was conducted by me was on Mozilla Story. For this session I showed the audience Mozilla’s Story presentation slides where I talked about how Mozilla became what it currently is, including the various technologies from Mozilla. I also talked about the various Add-ons, personas other cool stuff that users can use to brighten up their Firefox experience and also about the various security aspects of Firefox. I also showed Mozilla story video.

prasad seth firefox

Next up, it was Web application development and Firefox OS. I had prepared a lovely presentation and during this session I talked about the introduction to web app development, programming languages required to develop web apps, different ways  to develop web apps, javascript frameworks and Firefox OS. Also during this session I talked about recent launch of Firefox OS in India, Firefox Mobile by Intex and Spice, Firefox mobile benefits and its specifications, Firefox OS Architecture,etc. I also talked about how college students can participate and contribute to Mozilla and Open web.

prasad seth firefox

Post lunch, we started with a workshop on Appmaker, and various other Webmaking tools like Thimble,X-Ray Goggles and PopCorn Maker conducted by me. I explained various aspects of these tools to the audience .

prasad seth firefox

Next, I also explained how to launch app on Firefox Marketplace, how to make app using HTML5. I explained these topics using interactive demos and got the audience involved as well. It was a hands-on session.Around 200 students during the event downloaded Firefox Browser.

prasad seth firefox

At the end of it all, we explained various ways by which the audience could contribute and get involved with Mozilla. I also guided the KIT Firefox committee for further events to be conducted. The event was a grand success !!

Thanks to Mr.Patil sir who guided me for this event.

prasad seth firefox

KIT Firefox Club

prasad seth firefox

prasad seth firefox

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