MozMaker Event

Event name : MozMaker

Event Date : 12 February, 2015

Venue : Bharati Vidyapeeth Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology

Objective of the event :

1. Attendees will be introduced to Firefox, which is more than just a browser.

2. Attendees will get knowledge about FirefoxOS and its architecture.

3. Attendees will be introduced to Firefox new product “Firefox HELLO”.

4. Attendees will get hands-on experience on how to make apps using AppMaker.

5. To Empower and encourage Women to contribute to Mozilla  #WoMoz

Today I conducted a MozMaker event at Bharati Vidyapeeth Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology  for 150+ girls  #WoMoz #MozMaker.


The first session was on “Firefox: just than a browser”. I introduced the attendees about Firefox, which is more than just a browser.Then the next session was on FirefoxOS , which is recently launched in India. I explained the attendees about the architecture of FirefoxOS, advantages of FirefoxOS, FirefoxOS phones,etc.


In the next session attendees were introduced to “Firefox HELLO” which is the new product of Firefox for Video chat without any sign up… Attendees were astonished after knowing the features of “Firefox Hello”.


In the third session attendees were introduced to Webmaker. Attendees got hands-on experience on how to make apps using AppMaker. Detailed explanation on how to make applications was given to attendees with demonstration.


At the end of the session there was a quiz competition conducted which was based on Firefox products, FirefoxOS,etc. Winners were given the awesome Firefox Swags !!


It was a great event…. The crowd was enthusiastic. Amazing response.


Featured in Firefox “HELLO”

Thank you Mozilla Firefox for featuring me in promo video of ‘Firefox Hello’.

Find me at 0:14

Here comes ‘Firefox Hello’, a communication technology built directly in browser !!

fx hello

Meet Firefox Hello, the easiest way to connect for free over video with anyone, anywhere.

Get to Know Hello:

Want to reconnect with friends around the world? Celebrate a birthday when you can’t be there in person? Learn more about Firefox Hello and see for yourself how easy it is to have a free video conversation with anyone, anywhere, right from your browser.

My Applications on Firefox Maketplace

I have Developed a Mobile and Web Application named  “Health Tracker” which tells you the calorie’s burned also it gives you the fitness tips,weight loss tips and low calorie food. This app is launched on Firefox Marketplace on September 21,2014.

Its available for free download for Web,Tablets,FirefoxOS phones and also for Android.

Download Link:



My Another application is “ Easy Text to Speech”  which is intended to assist deaf and hearing impaired people.
Application supports 42 languages. Build to help the Society.

The App got 1k+ downloads within a week.

This app got launched on Firefox Marketplace on January 3,2015.

Its available for free download for Web,Tablets,FirefoxOS phones and also for Android.

Download Link:


Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 20.34.19

FirefoxOS APP Contribution- Test, Review and Develop apps on Tarako Devices

Event Name: FirefoxOS APP Contribution- Test, Review and Develop apps on Tarako Devices
Date: 24 January 2015
Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Hashtag:  #apphackingpune

The event attendees were Computer Engineering students of VIIT. More that 25 people attended the event.



I took the session on how to create App’s using Appmaker tools. This was a hands-on event where attendees made various App’s. In addition, we also taught the attendees how to download and test apps. Also, submit Ranking and Reviews of the tested apps on the Firefox Marketplace.
We had Aniket Deshpande in our college to speak about Localization(L10n). He explained everything about Localization.
Objective of Event :
1)  AppMaker Introduction and Demonstration (by Prasad Seth)
2) Test, Rate and Review apps on the Firefox Marketplace (by Siddhartha Rao and Kailas Patil Sir)
3) Importance of Localization (by Aniket Deshpande)
Event outcome :
1) Total 61 apps were downloaded and tested by event participants during the event. They also submitted reviews on Firefox Marketplace for the apps they tested.

2) Participants developed various Apps using AppMaker.

In the end, we clicked photos, and concluded with a Q&A. It was a great event !! 🙂

Firefox OS App Days (ADIAB) 2

Event Name: Firefox OS Apps Day
Date: 19 December 2014
Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Hashtag:  #apphackdaypune #firefoxstudents, #ViitFirefoxClub, #FirefoxOS

The event attendees were Computer Engineering students of VIIT. More than 70 people attended the event. I conducted session on AppMaker. In which attendees got to learn of how to make App’s using simple tools. Attendees were very curious and they tried to make App’s after the session. I solved the queries of the attendees regarding the same. Also I introduced them to Webmaker tools.



Siddhartha Rao provided FxOS Intro and FSA information. Kailas Patil Sir provided information about Mozilla Mission, products and opportunities to contribute in Mozilla and Mayuresh explained App manifest file fields.






I guess it influenced & encouraged the crowd to contribute to the Open Web. It was an amazing event !! There was a Fantastic crowd, energetic enthusiasts and were willing to learn new.


Expo period : 11th Dec 2014 to 14th Dec 2014

Venue : Vasundhara Pandit Farms, D.P. Road, Pune.


FirefoxOS Booth

Expo Event :

The volunteers of Mozilla Pune community had hosted an Firefox OS educational booth in the recently concluded CMDA IT Expo. The purpose of this booth was to generate awareness in public regarding the advantages of Firefox OS and promote the recently launched FirefoxOS in India. Open source communities like Pune Linux users Group (PLUG) and Wikipedia community also joined us at the booth to promote FOSS technologies.

The Firefox booth was visited by approx. 10,000 attendees. The attendees were curious and showed willingness to learn the same and to buy the FirefoxOS Mobile phones. The volunteers got engaged in solving the various questions which the enthusiastic people had in their minds about FirefoxOS.




The booth was also having 4 cellphones which have been launched in India by the partnered companies. People were given hands-on experience of the phones, where they operated and witnessed the amazing FirefoxOS.


Some the curious people were impressed with the stunning FirefoxOS and immediately purchased the devices.

The overall expo was a big success as thousands of people were made aware of this open source FirefoxOS. The volunteers also enjoyed this overall experience and felt proud for becoming a part of this grand happening.

The booth was honored with a sign of appreciation by the organizing committee of the CMDA IT expo.

I would like to Thank Ankit Gadgil (Mozilla Rep) who gave me the opportunity to be a part of such a grand success.

Overall it was a great experience !!