Firefox OS Booth at CMDA IT EXPO

Firefox OS Booth at CMDA IT EXPO

Expo period : 11th Dec to 14th Dec

Venue : Vasundhara Pandit Farms, D.P. Road, Pune.

prasad seth firefox

FirefoxOS Booth

Expo Event :

The volunteers of Mozilla Pune community had hosted an Firefox OS educational booth in the recently concluded CMDA IT Expo. The purpose of this booth was to generate awareness in public regarding the advantages of Firefox OS and promote the recently launched FirefoxOS in India. Open source communities like Pune Linux users Group (PLUG) and Wikipedia community also joined us at the booth to promote FOSS technologies.

The Firefox booth was visited by approx. 10,000 attendees. The attendees were curious and showed willingness to learn the same and to buy the FirefoxOS Mobile phones. The volunteers got engaged in solving the various questions which the enthusiastic people had in their minds about FirefoxOS.

prasad seth firefox

prasad seth firefox

prasad seth firefox

The booth had 4 cellphones were launched in India by the partnered companies. People were given hands-on experience of the phones, where they operated and witnessed the amazing FirefoxOS.

prasad seth firefox

Some the curious people were impressed with the stunning FirefoxOS and immediately purchased the devices.

The overall expo was a big success as thousands of people were made aware of this open source FirefoxOS. The volunteers also enjoyed this overall experience and felt proud.

The booth was honored with a sign of appreciation by the organizing committee of the CMDA IT expo.

I would like to Thank Ankit Gadgil (Mozilla Rep) who gave me the opportunity to be a part of such a grand success.

Overall it was a great experience !!

prasad seth firefox

prasad seth firefox

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