FirefoxOS APP Contribution- Test, Review and Develop apps on Tarako Devices

Event Name: FirefoxOS APP Contribution- Test, Review and Develop apps on Tarako Devices
Date: 24 January 2015
Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Hashtag:  #apphackingpune

The event attendees were Computer Engineering students of VIIT. More that 25 people attended the event.



I took the session on how to create App’s using Appmaker tools. This was a hands-on event where attendees made various App’s. In addition, we also taught the attendees how to download and test apps. Also, submit Ranking and Reviews of the tested apps on the Firefox Marketplace.
We had Aniket Deshpande in our college to speak about Localization(L10n). He explained everything about Localization.
Objective of Event :
1)  AppMaker Introduction and Demonstration (by Prasad Seth)
2) Test, Rate and Review apps on the Firefox Marketplace (by Siddhartha Rao and Kailas Patil Sir)
3) Importance of Localization (by Aniket Deshpande)
Event outcome :
1) Total 61 apps were downloaded and tested by event participants during the event. They also submitted reviews on Firefox Marketplace for the apps they tested.

2) Participants developed various Apps using AppMaker.

In the end, we clicked photos, and concluded with a Q&A. It was a great event !! 🙂

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