Health Scan

Health Scan

Description :

According to 2014 Government of India Road Accident Survey ,
Around 1.41 lakh people died in Road Accidents in 2014.
15 people die and 60 are seriously injured in road accidents every hour in India. That is 360 deaths a day and 10,800 deaths a month & 1,35,000 deaths a year. And over 80% of these victims do not get emergency care in the first hour following the accident.

And this Results in : Preventable injuries leads to death.
50% of lives can be saved if people get basic care on time. That’s 70,000 lives !
I propose a solution to this grave and widespread problem : Health Scan

The practical use of this program would be , for example :

If someone is severely injured in accident and was unable to communicate with emergency services or medical personnel, the “QR code” generated by this program could be scanned by a doctor or the person providing medical attention/help, by using Health Scan card. This will help doctor to discover what allergies or medications the user is taking as well as other personal medical information thereby saving valuable time and providing better emergency care.

The main reason for generating a “QR code” is to provide valuable information for the person who is helping the victim by scanning the code. So this is very important in the case of an emergency or life threatening situation.

Important Features of Card :

  • There is no need of Internet while using this system, so it is very beneficial in Rural Areas as well as on roads where no Internet facilities available. So it is very easy to operate.
  • Also the “code” generated by the system does not have expiry, i.e. we can use it for Lifetime.
  • The Health Scan system can be used in various forms like card, wrist band, stickers, bags ,etc. as per requirement.

This program is also useful and can be used to generate Code for the people with disabilities like:

  • Blind people
  • Autistic people
  • Mentally Retarded people
  • Slow Learner people
  • Diabetic Patient
  • Heart Patient
  • Also for Old Age people and Children if they get lost somewhere.

The information is in the “coded” form so Privacy is maintained.

In short this is useful to everyone in emergency !!

This system is made by concern with Doctor.
This system will save the life of thousands of people in India.

Some reviews about Health Scan System :

  • Dr. Shishir Joshi (Consulting Physician) says:

“ This system is very useful for People travelling alone, Old age people, Diabetic patients, Heart patients, etc.”

  • Ms.Sadhana Godbole ( Managing Director: Prasanna Autism Centre) says:

“ This system is helpful for all the children’s but it is more useful for the Autistic children. 50% autistic children cannot communicate, so if they have Health Scan Card then during any emergency situation this can be helpful for them.”

Copyright and Patent for the system is under process.

My Article related to the system has been published in “Times of India” on 11th January 2016

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Another article was published in “Economic Times” #ETHealthWorld on 11th January 2016

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Another article was published in “Maharashtra Times” on 18th December 2015

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