Received Padvidhar award from 1800 nominations

Received Padvidhar Award (from 1800 nominations) for my contribution in IT & Technology by Mr. Sarang Patil (Secretary, Nationalist Congress Party). I am obliged for this great honor & recognition given by Sunbeam Institute of Information Technology in the presence of Mr. Shriniwas Patil (Former Governor of Sikkim), Adv. Vandana Chavan (Member of Rajya Sabha, Former Mayor of Pune) & Mr. Pradip Kadam (Director-Mastercard)


MozoGeek Event at Zeal College of Engineering Pune

MozoGeek Event at Zeal College of Engineering

Event Name : Mozogeek

Agenda :

1.Web app development
2. Introduction to Firefox OS
3. Firefox OS Application development – Foxication
4. Hands on training on Appmaker

Day and Date :
Saturday, 22nd August

Venue :
Computer Department, ZES’s Zeal College of Engineering and Research, Narhe, Pune

Hashtag :  #mozogeekzfc

I started the session with an introduction to Mozilla and it’s mission. Then in the next session I  gave the introduction of Firefox OS. I explained the advantages of Firefox OS and why it is a great mobile OS,demo of FirefoxOS on simulator.

prasad seth firefox

Then in the next session I gave hands-on training to the attendees on how to make a web application. I explained them about Webmaker with hand-on training of Thimble and Appmaker. Some Remixes and makes were made by the attendees.

prasad seth firefox

I explained them about Firefox Marketplace… Attendees were asked to download different apps and review the apps which they liked.

prasad seth firefox prasad seth firefox prasad seth firefox prasad seth firefox prasad seth firefox prasad seth firefox prasad seth firefox prasad seth firefox

Mozilla Pune Annual Community Meetup

Mozilla Pune Annual Community Meetup
Event Name: Mozilla Pune Annual Community Meetup
Time: 10am to 6pm
Date: 20th June
Venue: Red Hat, Pune
Hashtags:  #MozPune
Event agenda :
1. Introduction
2. Pune community analysis
3. Taskforce Introduction
4. Making inter-community communication better
5. Mozilla Pune 2015 Goals
6. Inter-community collaboration work
It was an awesome annual meetup at Red Hat,Pune with all Pune Community members
prasad seth mozilla prasad seth mozilla prasad seth mozilla prasad seth mozilla prasad seth mozilla

Mozilla Awarness Program @ VIIT Pune

Mozilla Awarness Program
Event Name: Mozilla Awareness Program @ VIIT Pune
Time: 1 am to 3 pm
Date: 11th July
Venue: Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology,Pune
Hashtag : #viitFSA
Students in VIIT are enthusiastic for contributing to Mozilla as an FSA. This event helped them to know about Mozilla’s mission, web app development, open web and different ways of contributing to Firefox.
I started the event by giving an introduction about Firefox. Then in the next session I introduced students about Web app development and Firefox OS. Along with me Hrushikesh and Pooja introduced attendees about FSA program.
We registered the attendees for the FSA program. Attendees were very curious to know more about different Firefox products.
Mr. Kailas Patil Sir guided us for the event !!
prasad seth mozilla prasad seth mozilla prasad seth mozilla

Microsoft Build Tour

Microsoft Build Tour
Event Name: Microsoft Build Tour
Time: 9 am to 5 pm
Date: 20th June
Venue: ITC Grand Central, Mumbai
Microsoft Build Tour 2015 Mumbai started with keynote session and it was a great event to attend, not only for Developers but for IT Professionals as well. This event helped me to understand different Microsoft technologies in detail.
Some of the important topics which were covered in this event was Microsoft Edge (new Microsoft browser), One Store for One Windows, Windows Universal applications, Windows Store for Business, 1 billion Windows 10 devices in 2 to 3 years, etc
Last but not the least there were super cool demos of Machine Learning ,this was best part of the event.
prasad seth microsoft
One store for everything – Music, Games, Applications for all the platforms. One store for One Windows, Microsoft announces Windows 10 “one platform”, one store for all devices from IoT to data centers.
prasad seth microsoft
Windows Store for Business will allow businesses to publish apps. Businesses will be able to publish public and private apps. In the future, school and organizations can ask their users to login to Windows Store for Business and install the applications which are required for day to day operation

prasad seth microsoft

Me along with Mr. Pete Brown (Principal Program Manager, Microsoft) and Mr. Shen Chauhan (Senior Program Manager-Developer Experience and Evangelism, Microsoft)
Mr. Pete Brown (Principal Program Manager at Microsoft) delivered the session on Windows 10 Opportunities and also about Microsoft Edge.
The next session was taken by Mr. Neil Hutson (Senior Director – Platform Evangelism at Microsoft Corp) in which he explained about Azure Services and Windows Office platform.
Next session was taken by Mr. Kirankumar Balijepalli (Senior Program Manager at Microsoft) in which he explained about Building apps on Universal Windows Platform.

prasad seth microsoft

Me with Mr. Kirankumar Balijepalli (Senior Program Manager, Microsoft)

Mr. Shen Chauhan (Senior Program Manager – Developer Experience and Evangelism at Microsoft) was the captain of the event who demonstrated Microsoft Flight Simulator.
At the end of the event there was a short quiz organized by Microsoft. Winners got awesome Microsoft Devices

prasad seth microsoft

QnA session

I personally enjoyed the complete event… Learned a lot from best Microsoft Technical Evangelists and Lead engineers from Microsoft Redmond #buildtour
prasad seth microsoft

Remix Hackathon

Remix Hackathon

Event Name: Remix Hackathon
Time: 09:00 am to 6:00 pm
Date:  21st Feb
Venue: VIIT, Pune
Hashtags: #viitremixhackathon   #firefoxstudents   #viitfirefoxclub

Me, Dr. Patil, Mr. Dyvik conducted sessions during the event on following topics:

  1. Web app development
  2. SUMO
  3. Web Maker
  4. Thimble
  5. Popcorn
  6. X-Ray Goggles
  7. App Maker
  8. Localization
  9. Firefox OS
  10. Bugzilla

prasad seth firefox
This event created an open platform for Technical and Non-technical attendees to state that anything that is modified on web is called a “HACK”

prasad seth firefox

I conducted session on “how to develop web apps”. Where I introduced about what are web apps, different ways to develop web apps. After the session attendees made some awesome apps.

In this Hackathon we taught about contributing to localization, Webmaker, App development, testing and many more ways to contribute to Mozilla.

prasad seth firefox

Next session was conducted by Qaidjohar Jawadwala where he gave small introduction about Mozilla, introduction about Remix Hackathon event.

prasad seth firefox

In the end I gave a talk about Mozilla Stumbler in which I demonstrated the working of Mozilla Stumbler, various features of the Mozilla Stumbler App and how to contribute to it.

prasad seth firefox



MozMaker Event

MozMaker Event

Event name : MozMaker

Event Date : 12 February

Venue : Bharati Vidyapeeth Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology

Objective of the event :

  1. Introduction to web application development with hands-on
  2. Introduction to Firefox, which is more than just a browser
  3. FirefoxOS and its architecture
  4. Introduction to Firefox “HELLO”
  5. Hands-on experience on how to make apps using AppMaker.
  6. Empower and encourage Women to contribute to Mozilla  #WoMoz

Today I conducted a MozMaker event at Bharati Vidyapeeth Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology  for 150+ women attendees #WoMoz   #MozMaker

prasad seth mozilla

The first session was on Introduction to web application development with hands-on demo. In this session I gave a talk on what are web apps, different ways to develop web apps, front-end frameworks required, etc.

In the next session “Firefox: just than a browser” I introduced attendees about Firefox, which is more than just a browser. In this session different products and capabilities of Firefox browser was explained. Then the next session was on FirefoxOS , which is recently launched in India. I explained about the architecture of FirefoxOS, advantages of FirefoxOS, FirefoxOS phones,etc.

prasad seth mozilla

In the next session attendees were introduced to “Firefox HELLO” which is the new product of Firefox for Video chat without any sign up… Attendees were astonished after knowing the features of “Firefox Hello”.

prasad seth mozilla

In the third session attendees were introduced to Webmaker. Attendees got hands-on experience on how to make apps using AppMaker. Detailed explanation on how to make applications was given to attendees with demonstration.

prasad seth mozilla

At the end of the session there was a quiz competition conducted which was based on Firefox products, FirefoxOS,etc. Winners were given awesome Firefox Swags !!

prasad seth mozilla

It was a great event…The crowd was enthusiastic. Overall an amazing experience.